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Tiger's Eye Bracelet 虎眼石_Enhance Your Willpower

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Tiger's eye 

Effects of Tiger's eye 

1, tiger's eye stone can make your mind clearer, more able to see the real facts, effectively improve the power of decision, so that you have infinite power to guide the success of your career. It is recommended for people who feel confused about their work or future.

2, tiger's eye stone can make every entrepreneur can eliminate the slightest fear of failure, improve the ability to act, strengthen the execution! Easy to hesitate, want to complete things are always difficult to practice people, it is recommended to wear.

3, tiger's eye stone can enhance your willpower, strong perseverance, encounter setbacks do not back down, forward, positive spirit, has a tenacious vitality, let you become a complete fight not to die a little strong! It is recommended for people who have lost self-confidence, depression, and the desire to do things differently.

4、Tiger's eye stone can effectively stimulate the creativity in the subconscious mind. It is recommended for those who want to be intuitive and creative.

5、Tiger's eye stone can often think of many plans, but never put them into action, it is recommended to wear tiger's eye stone ornaments, will inspire confidence, courage and the ability to follow through.

6、Tiger's eye stone can be for the weak, timid and dare not face reality, it can enhance the vitality and vitality of the body, enhance self-confidence, dare to accept difficulties and challenges; for those who encounter difficulties, difficult to adhere to, it can help to re-examine the situation, make clear and decisive judgment and action.

7, tiger's eye stone can be for fear of the dark, timid, dare not walk at night, can strengthen the atmosphere, courage, but also can ward off evil.









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