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RAJA KAYU (Balance the body)帝王木 福禄葫芦

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RAJA KAYU has the effect of balancing the body's vital energy, often wear, the color will become darker, feel very good, have a prosperous effect.
Imperial wood gourd is suitable for placing in business or home, Want a Want!

Gourd mouth small belly large, symbolizing the fullness of the treasury, the fortune to the blessing, can increase the fortune, wide four sides of the wealth;.
The rounded shape of the gourd, in addition to the use of wine, can also promote interpersonal relationships, extensive contacts, as well as the effectiveness of the collection of the evil.
In addition, if the feng shui of the home has an obscene and dangerous atmosphere, or the aura is unfavorable, resulting in health problems, you can also use the gourd to get rid of disease to collect the evil.

Matching: car hanging, bag hanging, key hanging, car key hanging, etc. Suitable for both gifts and personal use

Imperial wood can harmonize the aura, can make the negative energy to reduce, positive energy emerge, so can tend to good luck to avoid evil.
Kingwood is the king of the forest, the king of all trees. It is a necessary amulet for indigenous people to survive in the forest and to ward off evil spirits.

The effects of Kingwood are
1. Eliminate the bad magnetic field in the body, to relieve negative energy
2. strengthen and mediate the magnetic field in the body
3. avoid evil and keep away evil spirits
4. To calm the house
5. enhance luck, strengthen the fortune and career luck
6. Strengthen confidence, courage and boldness
7. Promote popularity and personal charm and peach blossom
8. Eliminate villainy, jealousy and gossip



随心搭配 :车挂,包挂,钥匙挂,车钥匙挂等等。 送人自用两相宜


1. 消除人體內不好的磁場, 疏解负能量
2. 增強與調解體內的磁場
3. 避邪擋煞
4. 鎮宅旺屋
5. 提升运气, 增強財運與事業運
6. 加強信心, 勇氣與膽量
7. 旺人氣與提升個人魅力及桃花
8. 排除小人、是非,嫉妒與流言中傷

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