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Agate bracelet with Pi Xiu 玛瑙貔貅两颗经文手链

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Agate bracelet with Pi Xiu

The role and efficacy of natural agate
The ancients regarded agate as a sacred object to ward off evil spirits. Because of its rich natural “QI”, it can regulate the human nervousity and help eliminate stress, fatigue and negative energy in the human body. Agate has a wide range of uses. It can be worn not only as an accessory, but also as a medicinal and instrument bearing. Wearing agate jewelry is not only as a jewelry, but also brings a happy mood and self-confidence to the wearer.
Agate is a kind of natural gemstone, which is rich in trace elements. Wearing it for a long time can make people have a clear mind and energetic, which is helpful for career growth and rich financial resources. Agate has long been used as a ward off evil spirits and amulets. It is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, symbolizing friendly love and hope.

The role and efficacy of  Pi Xiu

Pi Xiu is one of the lucky beasts that attract fortune.  In terms of fortune and luck, Pi Xiu is even more capable.  Pi Xiu has the characteristics of swallowing wealth without spitting it out, thus wealth can be gathered.  Among the current Pi Xiu jewelry, Anyone who understands Pi Xiu also recons that Pi Xiu auspicious beats need to be consecrated.






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