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Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach 200g

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Nuewee有机芦荟Saponaria 与桃子是一种有机保健饮品,由100%有机天然栽培的芦荟Saponaria和桃子制成。芦荟Saponaria是一种优质并且可食用其芦荟皮层与果肉的品种,而且含有丰富的叶绿素与纤维素。


Nuewee有机芦荟Saponaria 与桃子 含有丰富纤维素,能够促进大肠蠕动,帮助改善患有便秘和痔疮的人士。


Nuewee有机芦荟Saponaria 与桃子 适合任何阶层的人使用,长期使用也能改善及提升身体的素质。

成份:有机芦荟Saponaria, 有机桃子与果糖。

Nuewee有机芦荟Saponaria 与桃子适合:

  • 预防便秘
  • 增强免疫系统
  • 控制体重
  • 排出毒素
  • 减少胃炎的问题
  • 改善皮肤肤色

Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach is an organic health drink made from 100% naturally cultivated Aloe Saponaria and peach.
Korea’s Aloe Saponaria is a premium edible variety that can be consumed in Aloe’s skin and its whole body. Aloe Saponaria is high in quality and also rich in chlorophyll and Fiber too.
Aloe Saponaria is also a high-grade variety called “Western Ginseng” or “Ginseng Aloe” because it contains a large amount of “Saponin”, the main ingredient of ginseng which is good for our general health.

Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach also promotes bowel movement and can benefit people who struggle in constipation and hemorrhoids. The Aloe Saponaria enhance skin beauty, promotes blood circulation, lower cholesterol, improve hangover, anti-cancer, regulate sebum secretion, gastritis, reflux esophagitis, inflammation of enteritis, immunity enhancement, diet effect.
Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach is suitable for all age group and long term consumption will promote and maintain a strong and healthy body.

Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach is suitable for:

  • To Prevent Constipation 
  • Enhance Immune System 
  • Weight Management 
  • Detoxification 
  • Reduce Gastritis 
  • Improve Skin Complexion 

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Saponaria, Organic Peach & Fructose.

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