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NHF Bio Organix-Enhanced Formula - 15 sachets

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Bio Organix

活化体内细胞 - Activates body cells

增强免疫力 - Enhance the immune system

修复细胞 - Replenish cells

强力将毒素及宿便从大肠排出 - Discharge toxins and coprolith out from the colon

提供维生素,矿物质等最完整营养 - Supply the body with the most complete nutrients, including vitamins and minerals

改善新陈代谢 - Promotes metabolism

增强记忆力 - Enhance memory

滋润肌肤及防范肌肤过敏 - Moisturizes skin and prevent skin allergy

瘦身 - Body slimming

恢复自然美 - Restore natural beauty

帮助血糖受控制 - Regulate blood sugar and blood pressure

有助于减少胆固醇 - Lowering blood cholesterol level




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