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Merryliday Clay Facial Soap Promotion 意大利粘土洁面皂 优惠套

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Active Ingredients:
Heilmoor Clay – 100% natural peloid, slowly formed by accumulation and decomposition of vegetal residues at the bottom of peat-bogs; manually extracted from millennial deposits placed at 100m above the sea level in Austria (Reichenau) and prepared in place without addition of chemical substances. It possesses powerful healing properties due to its content of polysaccharides whereas the antiphlogistic activity is owed to its content of steroids. It improves blood circulation and the presence of numerous organic and inorganic components able to partially penetrate the skin, making it useful in revitalizing and purifying properties.

Saxifragra Samentosa Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract, Morus Bombycis Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract – Complex natural ingredients for high depigmentation and whitening effectiveness. It is a combination of active ingredient extracts for a lighter and brighter skin.

Stichopus Horrens (Sea Cucumber) Extract – Wonderful healing powers that will rejuvenates and smoothen skin texture. It is also good to cure black spots, pimples, oily face, freckles and itchiness of your skin.

Apple Stem Cell Extract – Anti-wrinkle and preserves the youthful look of skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) – Powerful antioxidant, anti-aging agent, moisturizer, anti-inflammatory properties.

Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Peel Powdert – Act as antioxidant to prevent cellular damage caused by free oxygen radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrolyzed Collagen – Helps to keep the skin firm and taut. It also helps in wound healing process and gives our skin softness and suppleness.

Plukenetia Volubilis Linneo (Sacha Inchi Oil) – Rich in Omega fatty acids, particularly Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA), it is best to reduce the appearance of dark spots. It also improves skin elasticity and helps to boost collagen production with long lasting hydration properties.


海尔摩尔粘土 – 100%天然,由泥炭沼泽底部植物残留物的积累和分解缓慢形成;从奥地利(Reichenau)海拔100米处的千禧年矿床中提取,无添加化学物质。由于其具有多糖含量,它因此具有强大的愈合特性,而其抗炎活性归因于其类固醇含量。它可改善血液循环,并能部分渗透皮肤,并具有多种有机和无机成分,可用于振兴和净化肌肤。
虎耳草提取物,葡萄果实提取物,桑树根提取物,天然黄芩根提取物 –
海参提取物 – 奇妙的治疗功效,将使肌肤恢复年轻活力,并使肌肤柔软。它也可以治愈黑斑,粉刺,油性面部,雀斑和皮肤瘙痒。

苹果干细胞提取物 – 抗皱并保留年轻的皮肤外观。
醋酸生育酚酯(维生素E) – 强大的抗氧化剂,抗衰老剂,保湿剂,抗炎特性。
藤黄(山竹)果皮粉 – 用作抗氧化剂,防止自由基造成的细胞损伤,并具有抗炎特性。

水解胶原蛋白 – 保持皮肤紧致。它还有助于伤口愈合过程,使我们的皮肤柔软和柔软。
印加果油 - 高含量的天然维生素E又赋予良好的清除氧自由基,抗衰老的功能。能够增强皮肤组织结合力, 修复皮脂膜, 提高皮肤的保湿率, 增加弹性, 减少皮肤炎症的产生与改善皮肤粗糙,暗哑。

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