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MASHA Ezy Fitz 瘦身排毒果汁 (Detox)

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It can promote bowel movement and detoxification, prevent constipation and thus colon cancer. Helps suppress appetite and support weight loss. Can lower total cholesterol levels by promoting the removal of bile acids from the body. Help improve the digestive system with enzymes and probiotics. Can enhance insulin sensitivity and help improve blood sugar management. Easy and convenient. Open and drink.


  • Decrease Calorie Intake
  • Increase Calorie Loss
  • Carbo Blocker
  • Burn Fat


  • Soluble Corn Fiber
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Aloe Vera Extract

它可以促进肠蠕动和排毒,预防便秘,从而预防结肠癌。 帮助抑制食欲,有助减肥。 通过促进从体内清除胆汁酸,有助降低总胆固醇水平。 通过酶和益生菌帮助改善消化系统。 可以增强胰岛素敏感性,帮助改善血糖管理。方便携带的包装,打开即饮。 


  • 减少卡路里摄入
  • 增加卡路里代谢
  • 阻止碳水化合物吸收
  • 燃烧脂肪


  • 可溶性玉米纤维
  • 消化酶
  • 益生菌
  • 芦荟提取物

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