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ikitch Infrared Cooked DT210 电磁炉

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The induction cooker is mainly composed of an induced heating coil, cooker made of ferromagnetic materials and control system. In principle, current generates a powerful magnetic field via the coil. Large numbers of vortexes are produced in the way the magnetic lines in the field contact the bottom containning iron or stainless-steel substances. The tremendous energy generated by the vortexes can heat the food directly by converting efficiency heat energy penetrating through the botom.


  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • Efficiency Time
  • All-round Intelligent Security Protection
  • Clean Antibacterial Shockproof Shell



  1. 环境保护
  2. 节约能源
  3. 效率时间
  4. 全方位的智能安全保护
  5. 清洁抗菌防震壳

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