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Follow U Water Pillow - Smaller Size 护颈枕头 - 小

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function: 功效

-improves sleep posture & relax  改善睡眠姿势并放松

-relieve neck & shoulder pain  缓解颈部和肩部疼痛

-improve sleep quality  改善睡眠品质

6 reasons that you need to choose Follow U Auto Adjustable Water Pillow : 

6个原因需要follow U 自调护颈枕头 :

1. avoid neck pain- adjustable height   防颈痛, 可调高度

2.avoid shoulder pain & upper arm pain - left- right higher   防肩痛和上臂痛- 左右较高

3.avoid pressure - front high, back low  防压力- 前高后低

4.avoid fall pillow -incline on both end side  防枕跌 -双头尾段斜度

5.relieve heat, more comfortable, fresh mind -low center point  防热气,更舒适,有助思考- 中心点较低

6.anti fungal, anti bacteria, anti dust mites - high tech P.V.C  防霉,防菌,防尘- 高科技

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