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A kind of volcanic lava, and its main chemical composition is silica, thus it is also a member of the crystal family.  “Obsidian” is the most absorbing energy spar amongst others.  It can quickly dissolve nearby miscellaneous “QI” and negative energy, besides that, it can also be used as an exorcism tool.  Evil spirits will automatically avoid encountering it.  The Sever-Star Array is a powerful energy symbol, it has a powerful force in praying, practicing, and healing. Its function is like the antenna, condense the energy in the universe.  Furthermore, it can stabilize people’s emotions, vitality, and strengthens the heart function. It will be more powerful if activate the energy through the right and positive source.

The functionality of Seven-Star Obsidian:
1.Energy of obsidian is very strong and powerful, the effect of warding off evil is the best. Whether worn personally or placed at home are the best guardian stones in life.

2.Obsidian corresponds to the Sea Chakra, which can effectively eliminate and enhance positive energy; it can help to eliminate fatigue, stress, headaches, absorb and eliminate physical sickness and turbidity, quickly restore physical strength, improve the symptoms of weak “QI”.  It is the gem that can best protect you and regain your health in terms of physical vitality and endurance.  It can not only avoid the interference of negative energy but also remove unpleasant mold.  It has defense capabilities that can effectively absorb and transform the body to improve luck and enhance the interference of foreign spirits.    

3.Regarding the unrest in the house and room, if you are often disturbed by foreign spirits, you can place various obsidian pillars, pyramids, spheres and etc in every corner of the house. The large block of obsidian has the effect to protect the house from an unpleasant spirit.  

4.If there had a Feng Shui problem and need to ward off evil, it is recommended to use the obsidian Seven-Star array;  people who need to work at night or often need to drive at night can effectively avoid all kinds of spiritual events.



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