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Chia Seed Oil
Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, protease inhibitors, carotene, caffeic acid,
chlorogenic acid, etc. The content of vitamin E and vitamin C is relatively high, and these two substnces have
very good antioxidant effect, can help the skin maintain a certain amount of elasticity and moisture.
奇亚籽中含有丰富的抗氧化成分,例如维生素E, 维生素C, 蛋白酶抑制剂、胡萝卜素、咖啡酸、绿原酸等等,其中维生素E和维生素含量比较多,并且这两种物质具有很好的抗氧化作用,能够有助于肌肤保持一定的弹性和滋润。

Albaqtrellus Ovinus Extract
It work at the cell-cell communication level by preventing the over stimulation of TRPV1 on nerve cells.
It thus stops pain signaling from the outset.

Peppermint essential Oil
Peppermint essential oil is a fierce healer. It contains the active ingredient menthol,which acts as both an invigorating scent as well as
an antispasmodic and mild analgesic, helping to reduce pain, pressure and tension. It’s cooling effect soothes and relieves tired
and sore bodies and also has a magical way of caliming the mind at the same time, relieving stress and offering a minute of peace

ojoba Oil
Jojoba is a plant native to Mexico, The oil in the seeds of this shrub plant with a height of more than one person has good permeability
and high temperature resistance. It has been used for various maintenance and treatment since ancient times.

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