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Amethyst Crystal Bracelet 紫水晶_8mm,10mm

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Effaces of Amethyst

1.) Mastery of leadership skills, which can bring good fortune.
2.) Wisdom and creativity, insight into the world, intuition and subconsciousness.
3.) Honesty and Courage
4.) To improve one's magnetic field and tone of energy.
5.) Develops intelligence, calms emotions, improves intuition, helps thinking, concentrates thoughts, increases memory, enhances interpersonal relationships, gives courage and power


1.) 8mm
2.)  10mm


1.) 领导才能的驾驭 ,能够带来贵人运
2.) 智慧跟创意、洞悉世事、提高直觉力跟潜意识
3.) 诚实及勇气
4.) 改善个人的磁场跟调气
5.) 开发智能,平稳情绪,提高直觉力、帮助思考、集中念力、增加记忆能力,增进人际关系,给人勇气与力量


1.) 8mm
2.)  10mm

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