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Obsidian bracelet with Golden Scripture 六字真言黑曜石手链

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Obsidian bracelet with Golden Scripture

Obsidian has a very powerful exorcism effect. It is known as the Black Diamond Warrior. The powerful magnetic field can emit unlimited positive energy and can effectively expel all the filthy air. However, gems like obsidian generally have a memory effect, that is, they will remember the information of the person who touches it. Therefore, the obsidian must be demagnetized before wearing it。   When the first time purchase it, due to many people have touched it before and need to take others Amnestics left on obsidian. It is important to remember that obsidian degaussing is important.

The best method for obsidian degaussing is to sunbathe, because sunlight contains a kind of righteousness and super energy, which is the most suitable purification method for black crystal. But be sure not to expose to the sun before noon, it will destroy the ingredients, Be prepare a clean water cup, then buy mineral water from the supermarket, pour it into the water cup, then put the obsidian in it, and place it under the sun or moonlight, or leave it for a day and night to demagnetize under the sun and moonlight. Of course, it is best to put it on the windowsill 24 hours a day and one night. In addition, if there is an amethyst hole at home, you can also put it in the amethyst hole for a few hours.
Obsidian is a kind of igneous rock, not a crystal. Crystal is crystal. Obsidian is mainly composed of SiO2 (silicon dioxide). Obsidian is amorphous and microcrystalline colloidal SiO2, not glass. It is formed after the volcanic lava is rapidly cooled, so it is difficult to crystallize. It is an amorphous gemstone with a [2] shell-like fracture. Obsidian may be all monochromatic, or have stripes or spots. The inclusion of young crystals and hairy crystals is an identifying feature.





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