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Aqua Repair Shine Rebuilder Care CONDITIONER高保湿护发素

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***Suitable for who?***
1. Dry hair干燥
2. Dye hair 染发
3. Bleached hair 漂发
4. Knot hair 头发打结

Aqua Repair Shine Rebuilder Care Conditioner 高保湿护发素- 500ml

✅Repair damage hair (修复受损头发)
✅Nourishing hair (滋润头发)
✅Supplement nutrition to hair (补充头发营养)
✅Soften hair instantly without tying knots (快速软化头发,不打结)

Active Ingredients:
✅ Aloe Vera芦荟  : Soothing hair (镇静发质)
✅ Ginger Extract生姜精华 : For Scalp Conditioning (用于头皮调理)
✅ Vitamin B5 维生素B5 : Repair damaged hair,improve hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility(改善受损的头发,头发弹性,保湿性和柔韧性)

 *Directions of use使用方法:*
Step 1️⃣: 清洗头发 (Wash hair)
Step 2️⃣:在湿发上涂抹少量的护发素,然后再等待30-60秒 (Apply a small amount of Conditioner onto the wet hair and wait for 30-60 seconds)
Step 3️⃣:最后彻底地清洗干净 (Then rinse throughly)

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