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Oil control + dandruft series控油 + 头皮屑系列

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控油洗发水 exfoliating herbs scalp hair shampoo  500ml
✅Oil control (平衡油脂)
✅Anti-dandruff (去头皮屑)
✅Effective itch relief (有效止痒)
✅Smoothing (蓬松头发)

保湿洗发水 repair smooths hair shampoo  500ml
✅Replenish hair moisture(补充头发水分)
✅Nourish hair follicle (滋润毛囊)
✅Increase the ability of the scalp to absorb nutrients(增加头皮的吸收营养的能力)
✅improve hair elasticity(改善头发弹性)
✅Enhance scalp immunity(增强头皮免疫力)
✅Repair sensitive scalp(修复敏感头皮)
✅Retain hair melanin, prevent gray hair(保留头发黑色素,预防白发)

生发精化素 hair tonic 100ml
✅Sterilization 99% (消毒杀菌99%)
✅Control oil for 48 hours (控油48小时)
✅Prevent abnormal hair loss (预防不正常掉发)
✅Soften the dead scalp (软化死皮)
✅Remove dandruff problem (去掉头皮屑)
✅Improve itching sensitivity (改善发痒敏感问题)
✅Prevent white hair (预防白发)

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