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Maintain Thicker Healthier & Anti Hair Loss Scalp Hair Shampoo 防脱发生发洗发液

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 [MUCI] Maintain Thicker Healthier & Anti Hair Loss Scalp Hair Shampoo 防脱发生发洗发液 - 500ml
✅Prevent abnormal hair loss(预防不正常掉发)
✅Hair growth faster (加快生发)
✅ Maintain hair thicker(保持头发厚度)
✅improve hair elasticity(改善头发弹性)
✅Strengthen hair root(强韧发根)
✅Scalp supplements vitamins and protein(头皮补充维生素和蛋白质)

👃Smell :Fresh Mint smell (清爽薄荷味)

Active Ingredients:
✅Soy protein大豆蛋白质:Promote hair growth, strengthen and shine (促进头发生长,增加头发的强韧和光泽)
✅Castor蓖麻:Insecticidal and bactericidal effect, can nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair, stimulate hair follicles, promote hair growth ,can also reduce dandruff and scalp infection (有杀虫和杀菌的效果,能滋养和滋润头皮和头发,刺激毛囊,促进毛发生长,还可减少头皮屑和头皮感染) ✅Wheat germ小麦胚子:Helps keep hair thick and dense, and not easy fall (帮助让头发粗而密集,不容易掉)
✅Argan oil 坚果油:Contains vitamin E and antioxidants to repair hair damaged by chemicals and environmental free radicals. Increase hair elasticity and reduce hair breakage(含有维生素E和抗氧化,修复被化学品和环境自由基损伤的头发,增加头发弹性,减少头发断裂)

*Directions of use使用方法:*
Step 1️⃣:取适量洗发液按在手上,用水搓揉混合(Take an appropriate amount of shampoo on the hand, rub and mix with water)
Step 2️⃣:涂抹在头皮上,轻轻按摩 (确保头部的所有部位都涂上了 (Apply on your scalp and massage gently (Make sure all the part of your head have been included))
Step 3️⃣:冲洗干净(Rinse off)
Step 4️⃣:涂抹护发素,等待30-60秒 (Apply conditioner and wait for 30-60 seconds)
Step 5️⃣ : 最后彻底地清洗干净 (Then rinse throughly)

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