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Hair Tonic 生发精化素

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Who suitable for this tonic?
1. Hair loss problem 脱发问题
2. Oily and easily get sweat 油性,容易出汗
3. Dandruff and itchy 头皮屑和瘙痒
4. Maintain scalp healthy and hair grow 维持头皮健康及头发生长

Description】 MUCI  Hair Tonic 100ml

✅Sterilization 99% (消毒杀菌99%)
✅Control oil for 48 hours (控油48小时)
✅Prevent abnormal hair loss (预防不正常掉发)
✅Soften the dead scalp (软化死皮)
✅Remove dandruff problem (去掉头皮屑)
✅Improve itching sensitivity (改善发痒敏感问题)
✅Prevent white hair (预防白发)

👃Smell :Fresh ginseng smell (清爽人参味)

Active Ingredients :
✅Ginseng人参:Improve scalp metabolism, promote scalp blood circulation, increase scalp nutrition, and has the effect of activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis, stimulating hair follicle regeneration to prevent hair loss and black hair. (提高头皮的新陈代谢、促进头皮血液循环、增加头皮的营养,而且具有活血化瘀、刺激毛囊再生达到防脱发及生乌发的功效)
✅Ginger姜:Stimulate scalp blood flow, accelerate the metabolic process, hair follicles absorb more nutrients and vitamins, so that the hair becomes strong and shiny, help hair growth. (刺激头皮血液流动,加速新陈代谢过程,毛囊吸收更多的营养和维生素,使头发变得强壮有光泽,帮助头发生长) ✅Scutellaria 黄苓:Can effectively remove dandruff and relieve itching, refreshing hair root scalp (能有效清除头皮屑和止痒,清爽发根头皮)
✅Soy protein大豆蛋白质:Promote hair growth, strengthen and shine (促进头发生长,增加头发的强韧和光泽)
✅Wheat germ小麦胚子:Helps keep hair thick and dense, and not easy fall(帮助让头发粗而密集,不容易掉)  

*Directions of use使用方法:*
Step 1️⃣: 清洗头发 (Wash hair)
Step 2️⃣: 把头发吹干至80% (Blow-dry hair up to 80%)
Step 3️⃣: 喷精华素在头皮的位子(比较少头发或者痒的地方)(Spray hair tonic on the scalp (areas there is less hair or itchy part))
Step 4️⃣: 按摩至完全吸收(Massage until completely absorbed)
Step 5️⃣: 吹干(Blow dry)

* Usage Notes 使用说明:*
1.It can be used *1-2 times* a day after wash hair
2.If there are kinds of several TONIC, can use in the same timeline (For example : Use Hair Tonic in the first step and Herbs Tonic after that)

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